Monday, February 2, 2009

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Children Affected

In Africa poverty affects everyone living with the 3rd generation almost wiped out because of HIV/AIDS the children have almost nothing and no income. They sometimes stay with relatives such as aunts and uncles or grandparents. The grandparents are forced to continue work so they can pay for the food and essentials needed for their grandchildren. Due to poverty the children's schools cant pay for much supplies like water or sanitation products. With out the necessities some girls don't go to school and do not receive education.

Food AID

In Ethiopia today more than 34,000
children are malnourished! Its said that more than 4.9 million people will need humanitarian assistance int he next 6 months. The food challenges are to continue in 2009. Donors in different countries around the world helped with $454.3 million for food and non food aid. $389.3 million was needed for 450,611MT of food. Ethiopia also needed $26.2 million for a food program that gave food to malnourished children and malnourished pregnant woman. The assistance should be completed by June 2009.

$200 Billion

In Africa today there are more than 7 million people in need of food AID. Not all Africans are able to receive the food AID due to the $200 Billion dollar debt shadowing the countries in Africa. Countries in Africa have spent over $14 Million dollars in HIV and AIDS care alone! Some families live on less than $2's a day and aren't able to afford to pay for the massive debt! In 2005 several rich countries, including America, made a debt cancellation on 14 African countries. Nigeria had to pay 40% of the total which was $30. So in the end they only had to pay around $12 million. Those funds were directed to poverty and development goals. The promise of 100% cancellation did not take effect until 2006.